Camden’s Transitioning Military Workforce

||Camden’s Transitioning Military Workforce

Communities have also realized that their local military bases, are not only a source of pride, but also a source of potential workforce that could be a vital tool in their economic development strategies. However, most of these communities are not able to translate this transitioning military workforce asset and their skills to site selectors, project managers or corporate officials in the site location business.

At the May meeting of the Camden County Joint Development Authority, the Board revealed a document which should solve that problem for local and regional economic development. The document titled “Camden’s Transitioning Military” provides an outline of how military members transition from their military service as well as the skills they have gained when they exit their military service. The document, jointly created by the Camden County Joint Development Authority and Fleet and Family Support at NSB Kings Bay provides not only an overview of the program known as Transition GPS, which is a required process for military members exiting their military service, but also provides an outline of how many members from NSB Kings Bay transition out of military service, their skills, as well as an example of how those skills translate into civilian jobs that include highly sought after technical skills. Some might not believe that military members would have this level of skill set, but Kings Bay is not the average military base. NSB Kings Bay is the Atlantic home port to the SSBN and SSGN nuclear submarines, which are some of the most technologically advanced vehicles and require knowledge, skill, and expertise to operate as a critical component of the nation’s strategic defense. On average, approximately 400-500 military members transition out of the service from NSB Kings Bay each year. With the importance being placed upon a highly skilled, trained workforce by business and industry, Camden County becomes an ideal community for new business and industry location as well as sustainable growth.

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James Coughlin, Executive Director commented, “The presence of this highly trained, highly skilled group of people in our community distinguishes us from our competitors in the region and beyond. This document helps to tell that story in a way that is meaningful to CEOs and Project Managers considering Camden County as the new home for their business or industry.”

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