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Retail Market Study Concludes

In September of 2020 the Joint Development Authority received a USDA Rural Development Grant of $77,000 to be used for a retail market study for Camden County. The information found in the study would be vital to new businesses, current businesses, local real estate agents and brokers, and economic and municipal organizations. Much of the success of the growth along A1A/200 in Yulee is attributed to a market study done in Nassau County in the early 2000’s. The Authority sent out an RFP to multiple retail study firms and ultimately decided on Retail Coach out of Texas to perform the local study. The study kicked off in January of 2021 and concluded last week (May 2021).

Charles Parker, the project manager for Camden’s study, presented the findings of this study in four sessions to local leaders, business owners, and real estate agents. His presentation included a wealth of information about the state of Camden County’s retail market, which is larger than just Camden County. This information included demographics on the market’s population, leakage reports to inform us of our target industries, and a list of likely businesses to recruit to the market. The Authority and other organizations in the County will pursue economic growth and vitality for our community and, armed with this information, we feel well prepared.

If you would like to view the findings of the study please click here. If you or someone you know is interested in a deeper dive into the information we may be able to accommodate you, please call our office and ask.