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Camden County offers superior logistics, a skilled technical production workforce and affordable, well-educated staffing for advanced business services. With 5 exits onto I-95 there is always access to road in any direction. Camden County is also within easy driving distance of the ports of Brunswick, Jacksonville, and Savannah as well as having access to rail throughout the County. Naval Sub Base Kings Bay provides over 600 military-trained professionals annually into the workforce and many of them choose to stay in Camden County. That, combined with the extensive academic and CTAE training provided by Camden County Schools, Coastal Pines Technical College and the College of Coastal Georgia, ensure there are no skill gaps found in Camden County. This combination of factors makes Camden County an ideal candidate for multiple types of industry. Among them are aerospace, defense, marine, food processing, and plastics recycling and manufacturing.

With close proximity to 3 Naval Bases and a latent, federally-trained workforce its no wonder the following businesses find Camden County ideal for their aerospace needs:

As far as the marine industry is concerned, our location affords a unique opportunity to serve as a north-south gateway for transient boaters looking for efficient procurement of various repairs, maintenance, and service all of which could be provided by a marine industry cluster in Camden County. No other such concentration exists between central Florida and South Carolina. Again, the local workforce provides an asset of increasing importance in the high tech nature of recreational watercraft systems. This asset becomes even more important in the context of skilled marine industry workforce shortages throughout the country. Most importantly, the broader scarcity of available working waterfronts in South Florida provides a strong demand for marine service infrastructure further north. Check out some of the boats being built right now in Camden County:


For more information download one of our industry flyers below, or give us a call for more information. We can’t wait to help you start, expand, or relocate your business in Camden County!

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